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Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

Applications for the Certificate Program are currently closed!

Applications will reopen on september 1, 2022.

Entrepreneurship Certificate

The UGA Entrepreneurship Certificate Program prepares students to become successful and dynamic entrepreneurs in private, public and non-profit sectors. It is also an invaluable learning opportunity for those interested in founding a startup, a non-profit, or  in pursuing investment banking or angel funding.

The certificate is a campus-wide program open to UGA undergraduate students from ALL majors.  It provides an in-depth look at what it takes to develop an idea into a successful venture including how to build an effective team and how to secure funding.

Undergraduate Certificate

The Undergraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship is open to all UGA undergraduate majors who have completed at least 30 credit hours, a 3.0 cumulative UGA GPA, at least 3 semesters remaining before graduation. The certificate takes 15 hours to complete and is typically fulfilled within 2 years.

Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship is open to all UGA graduate students and provides the opportunity to develop skills necessary to launch and grow businesses and social enterprises. It is also an invaluable learning opportunity for those interested in working for a startup or non-profit, or pursuing investment banking and angel funding. Graduate students are required to complete 2 of 3 ENTR courses, one must be ENTR 7500 - Intro to Entrepreneurship.


The UGA Entrepreneurship Certificate Program is open to all UGA students, both graduates and undergraduates, who have 30 credit hours and a 3.0 cumulative UGA GPA.

Deadlines + Decisions


Application Opens

Application Deadline


September 1

October 1


February 1

March 1

Accepted students will be notified via UGA email approximately two weeks after the deadline.


Fifteen hours of approved coursework are required to complete the certificate. Courses must be completed with a grade of C (2.0) or higher. Elective hours can be applied towards both the certificate and graduation requirements as appropriate for each major/minor. Application and acceptance to the program are also required.

Required Courses (9 hours)

Elective Courses

View elective courses listed by College.

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