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Terry Third Thursday

Terry Third Thursday is a breakfast speaker series for the Atlanta business community that features influential speakers, as well as special guests from the University of Georgia, who bring local and global perspectives on business and innovation.

Next Presentation November 17, 2022

Jesslyn ROllinsJesslyn Rollins,


Jesslyn Rollins (AB ’15) helped turn BIOLYTE from an insider's secret weapon against dehydration into one of the nation's fastest-growing wellness brands: BIOLYTE.

Rollin’s father, anesthesiologist Dr. Trey Rollins, developed BIOLYTE while his wife was battling breast cancer as a way to keep her hydrated while she underwent chemotherapy. After Jesslyn Rollins graduated from the University of Georgia in 2015, she took on the task of turning her father’s formula into a multimillion-dollar brand.

As it was gaining traction with athletes and performers, she sold, packaged, shipped and delivered BIOLYTE personally to anyone who purchased.  Today, she’s CEO, and BIOLYTE was just named to the Inc. 5000: earning the 605th spot on the list of America’s fastest-growing private companies.

Each bottle of the drink offers 6.5 times the electrolytes as leading sports drinks, and one-third of the sugar: an efficient, effective remedy to dehydration and associated symptoms, like nausea, headaches, body aches and the overall feeling of being rundown.

In addition to her professional work, Rollins is an active member and volunteer at Northside Methodist Church. She is also an involved alumnus and donor to The Lovett School, College of Charleston and UGA.