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How to edit your directory profile


Faculty, Staff and PhD students can edit their directory page. 




1) Login to the site

Use your UGA myID to login.

Use UGA SSO to login with your UGA myID


2) Navigate to your directory page.

If you aren't already there. click on the Directory link that is in the black bar of the menu. 

Search the directory for your name. 

You can use the "Search by name" field or find yourself in your department.

Search for your name in the directory


Click the edit tab.

Click the edit tab


3) Fill out the fields.

Edit or fill out fields as-needed.

Edit or fill out fields as needed

Some fields are hidden under drop downs.

Research related fields are under the research tab

Note: "Research Interests" will also appear on your department's research page automatically.

File names must not contain spaces

Make sure there are no spaces in your uploaded files, such as your CV and publication. They will upload, but they won't work.

  • zora hurston cv 2021.pdf - will not work
  • zora_hurston_cv_2021.pdf - ok
  • zora-hurston-cv-2021.pdf - also ok

4) Click save when done.

Changes are live upon saving. 

Click the save button


5) Repeat as often as necessary.

If you need to make additional edits, go through the process again.


More about the directory

The "Contact" field on pages draws from the directory

Your info may show up throughout the site based on how it looks in the directory.

For example, if you are listed as a "Contact" on a page, the page will automatically bring in your photo, titles, phone number and email address, as well as link to your profile. 

Research field information goes to departmental research pages

If you are "research" faculty, the information you put in the research and interests field will appear with your name on your department's research page. 

Here's the info that appears for Dean Ayers' directory page:

The research field as displayed on the directory page


The same info automatically populates his listing on J.M. Tull School of Accounting's Research and Expertise page:

Research info as displayed in department's research list


How News stories appear on your page

If you are featured in a news story, you will be tagged by the news team. This article will appear automatically with your profile.

Articles automatically appear with personnel when they are tagged in them


If you don't see your directory page, can't edit it, or need a new photo:

Please put in a support request with the Office of Marketing and Communications.