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Research Support & Resources

Support Tools

Effective research requires the right tools. The University of Georgia and Terry College offer these support tools to our faculty and graduate students:

Custom IT Solutions

Research Pool

Statistical and Mathematical Software

Research Data Services

University of Georgia Research Resources

The University of Georgia and its Office of the Vice President for Research offer several services to assist faculty with research projects.

Human Subjects Office

UGA’s Human Subjects Office (HSO) performs professional and administrative functions in support of the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Statistical Consulting Center

UGA’s Statistical Consulting Center (SCC) provides general advice on experimental and/or survey design, discusses general procedures for analyzing data, and provides interpretation of output from statistical software packages. SCC offers an initial free hour of consultation for research projects needing statistical assistance. See the SCC’s list of available services for details.

Georgia Advanced Computing Resource Center

The Center provides high-performance computing hardware and network infrastructure, as well as consulting and training services in pursuit of its mission.


This is the UGA-hosted SAS-L LISTSERV, with more than 3,000 users. To subscribe, visit the page and enter your UGA email address, then enter your first and last name into the Your name field. We recommend selecting Digest (HTML format) so that you get fewer messages from the list. The digest will wait to send you an email until it collates a set of messages into a single message.


This is the UGA-hosted SPSSX-L LISTSERV, with more than 2,000 users. To subscribe, browse to the page and follow the instructions as per the SAS-L LISTSERV instructions above.

UGA Libraries

The UGA Libraries unit houses over 50 business and economic databases for academic research and instruction. Browse by subject, or click on the alphabetical listlink, from the Business and Economics Research Database page.

Helpful Non-UGA Research Resources

LIMDEP/NLOGIT Help List Server

This list server covers both LIMDEP and NLOGIT. Follow the instructions to subscribe.

Stata Help List Server

The Statalist has more than 2,500 users. Follow the instructions to subscribe.

UCLA’s Institute for Digital Research and Education

UCLA's Institute for Digital Research has a very comprehensive statistical support website.

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